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Most Viewed Wedding Video on Youtube

By admin | December 12, 2009

It’s Jill and Kevin’s wedding in June 2009, also known as JK Wedding Entrance Dance.

The video was viewed over 3.5 million times in its first 48 hours.

Right now the video has over 33 million views and counting!

Watch how they rock the house with their friends in making it a truly memorable wedding event for everyone, including the “online guests”.

I truly enjoyed myself even though I’m not physically there :-)

If anyone is looking for good ideas to spruce up their wedding, this can be a source of inspiration.

They have their own Wikipedia page.

They are supporting the Sheila Wellstone Institute to prevent domestic violence. More info please visit their website.


Congrats to Jill & Kevin! May you enjoy a happy & successful life together, forever!

Anyone wants to spice up their wedding?

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