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The Zen of Eating Porridge

By admin | June 19, 2009

The Zen of Eating Porridge

I dislike eating porridge since young.

The reason is I was fed porridge when I was sick.

I think unconsciously I associate eating porridge with being sick.

Also I considered it a slow and tedious process of waiting for the porridge to cool a little before I can put a spoonful in my mouth.

The way of eating porridge as taught by my late mom is to use the spoon to skim only the upper surface of the porridge starting by the side of the bowl, pick up a little and put into my mouth. Start with either side of the bowl and repeat until the porridge is cool enough to be scooped up a mouthful.

Therefore this requires PATIENCE.

Especially when we are really hungry.

Last weekend I went out with a few friends to a nice café near my place and one of my friends ordered a bowl of claypot porridge.

He had this serene expression and when we asked him how the porridge tastes, he replied by saying it was good and he enjoys eating porridge.

That got me thinking.

I wonder if he finds joy and peace in eating porridge with patience and the waiting for the porridge to cool down.

Or perhaps eating porridge in his family is a gleeful and delightful event?

So the next day I decided to do something different and had porridge for breakfast.

I bought the porridge from a quaint little shop near my place. It was piping hot, steam was coming out of it and I wondered how on earth I am going to handle this thick bowl of porridge.
I wondered how long it will take me to hurry up and finish my breakfast.

My chicken porridge with century egg for breakfast

My chicken porridge with century egg for breakfast

As I sat there pondering I decided to pick up a spoon and skim the upper surface of the left side of the porridge. I got about half a tablespoon and put it into my mouth. It was warm and tolerable to my tongue. I continued with skimming the right side of the porridge, then upper part and lower portion and repeated the entire process.

Before long I had already finished one third of the porridge.

Then it hit me.

I realized while I’m being careful of not burning my tongue, I actually can taste the porridge better. The taste was richer and the aroma of the flavor permeates my entire mouth. Yes, it was tasty.

When we are aware of what is going on in our present moment, we tend to be able to see, smell, taste, hear and feel in a richer and fulfilling experience.

When we rush and live our life too fast, most of the things just passes us by. We have no time to slow down and savour the moment. We asked “Where did the days go?”, “It’s already Friday? Time flies so fast!”

Let’s savour life one breath at a time, one minute at a time, one day at a time, one spoonful at a time to live a meaningful life.

I began to like porridge now.

Porridge anyone?

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